We present you #superparents campaign and new video - CLOUDS (Hmarki)

For every child parents are super heroes. But our parent’s super power is not ability to fly on incredible speed or to move objects using mental power, no! Love, acceptance, intimacy, reliance, safety - that's what a real parent’s super power is!

According to the real story of acceptance, we’ve made a Hmarki (Clouds) music video. This is even beyond that. This is a short film about the transgender woman Valeriya Shandera from Minsk.

She was born in a man's body, came out to her mother, and together they walked this path of building Lera’s identity. Inspired by this story of love and support we created the music video and launched #superparents campaign.

More and more parents in Belarus openly support their LGBT children. We want to tell this stories through music, to help those who have not yet ventured, to spend more time together and step by step move to the better in our society.

On the photo you can see me and some mothers of LGBT children from Belarus and Ukraine. Look how happy and relaxed they are! We want to bring the same attitude to other parents, to show an example.

Homophobia is quite a tense issue in Belarus. We strive to ensure that it gets better. I am expecting a daughter at the moment. I do not know her destiny, I do not know anything about her sexual and gender identity. But I do know that I will make every effort to ensure that she will live in a society where all people are equal in their rights and human dignity.

Join us! The details of the company can be found here:

With all my love, respectfully yours,